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Hair Transplant Training Workshop

Hands-On FUE Training Workshop

If you’re here, chances are you’re looking for a hair transplant workshop with a little more to offer than the usual affair of lectures and live surgical demonstrations. You may have already attended a few workshops, but have felt a lack of hands-on surgical experience preventing you from following through with practicing FUE hair transplant in your own clinic. Additionally, you may have attended “cadaver” workshops only to be presented with formalin-preserved tissue far removed from life-like experience. If you feel any of the above scenarios apply to you, then you’re in the right place. We are firm believers in the power of hands-on training. For this reason, we provide fresh-frozen cadavers that have not been preserved in formalin. This gives attendees a more life-like experience with cadavers set aside for the sole purpose of hair transplant extraction, implantation, and even scalp micro-pigmentation.

Get Life-Like Surgical Experience in Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Hair Transplant Training Workshop is proud to announce its 2018 two-day hair transplant training course. Come join us October 6 – 7 at the Crown Plaza & Marina Hotel in Redondo Beach, California, as our faculty, composed of leaders in hair restoration, presents cutting-edge research and commentary on relevant fields in the industry. Then, get ready to use that knowledge in practical applications as you get hands-on hair transplant training with cadavers.

This workshop covers:

Basic FUE concepts and principles both in lectures and surgical applications. Lectures include the following topics (see our program for the full list):

Unshaven FUE Afro Hair FUE Donor Management
Recipient Area Design Punches – Rotary, Non-Rotary, and Ultrasonic Ergonomic Considerations in FUE Surgery
Mechansims of FUE Graft Injuries Calculating Graft Requirements Beard & Body Hair FUE for Severe Baldness

All experience levels in FUE, from beginner to expert, are welcome to join and get hands-on experience with fresh-frozen cadavers for the following techniques:

Implantation on Bald Head SMP / Trichopigmentation
Afro-Textured Hair FUE Regular Head Hair FUE
Beard Hair FUE Body Hair Extraction

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